What exactly the "impossible triangle"?

What exactly the "impossible triangle"?

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Precisely what is the "impossible triangle"?

The so-called "impossible triangle" means that within the blockchain public string, it is difficult to achieve both good "decentralization" and good "security" of the system. "Transaction Processing Performance. " The "transaction producing performance" is often called TPS (Transactions Handling Per Second).

impossible triangle In fact , the "impossible triangle" is not a rigorous conclusion. It is just a summary of the actual doing work status of each public chain in the industry. In other words, it is not necessarily that the public chain can not do well in the several aspects of "decentralization", "security" and "transaction handling performance", but it haven't done well in these three areas at the moment.

Public company. How is many other public chains?

At the present time, the most famous open public chain projects can be BTC, ETH, and additionally EOS.

First of all, you should study the Bitcoin - BTC.

BTC uses a consensus tool based on Proof of Succeed (POW). In the early days of BTC improvement, an ordinary computer may well participate in mining. But later, with the skyrocketing currency price, exploration became profitable, consequently graphics card exploration appeared, and in the future ASIC mining models with stronger computer power appeared, subsequently unified the canals and lakes. Your mining of usual computers and graphics cards is completely historical past. At present, the manufacturing and production of ASIC mining units are almost monopolized by Bitmain, plus the computing power of BTC's entire multi-level is almost monopolized as a result of several large mining pools. Therefore , a "decentralization" of BTC seems to be inaccurate to numerous people.

In terms of "transaction processing performance", BTC's TPS is only about 7 transactions per second, which is completely unsuitable for on a daily basis high-frequency and small-value transfers. It is this low transaction performance that has caused your BTC community to remain divided over the long term development of BTC. This disagreement was not properly settled, ultimately leading to a hard shell of BTC benefit 2017.

In terms of safety measures, compared with several other public chains, BTC continues to the best. On the one hand, the research power of the general network is constantly improved with the bringing up-to-date of the ASIC mining machine itself, together with on the other hand, new mining machines are consistently added to continue to enhance the computing power in the entire network. As reported by estimates, the current price of attacking BTC is the highest at all POW public restaurants.

Next, we describe blockchain 2 . 0 Ethereum - ETH. Although ETH is in addition a consensus infinite triangle resource based on proof of job. But it can even now use graphics business card mining, so the circumstances of computing electrical power monopoly is not like serious as this of BTC. In addition , the recent all around overall shift to POS consensus to unravel the problem of research power monopoly, so it's better than BTC in terms of decentralization.

ETH incorporates a slightly higher TPS than BTC, although because ETH can be a smart contract platform, its application eventualities are more complex together with congestion is apt to occur than BTC. As a result, the results issues that ETH has exploded have received much more attention. Because of this, EOS, which was later remarkably anticipated and concerned, was born.

In terms of security, ETH is following only to BTC.

We should take a look at EOS which has been so much expected. When ever EOS first came out, TPS was it's biggest selling point. Really, the EOS in the once-proclaimed million-level TPS has long due to the fact changed, because actually the TPS with EOS is only one or two hundred. But this approach does not prevent the idea from ranking highest in terms of transaction processing speed of the some major public stores.

However , in order to achieve this TPS, EOS has got made huge surrender in the degree of decentralization. Compared to the 10, 000 nodes on the whole network of BTC and ETH, it offers only 21 nodes on the entire mobile phone network. Therefore , it is the the majority questioned of the two major public chains in terms of "decentralization".

With a security perspective, simply because EOS has sole 21 nodes within the entire network, it's relatively easier meant for hackers to infinite triangle infiltration 21 nodes when compared to to attack several thousand nodes in BTC or ETH. For that reason EOS is also that worst of the some in terms of security.

Previous we analyzed the benefits of some public organizations and their performance in the "impossible triangle", which is basically the present-day status of general public chains. But concerning the most promising open chain technology lately, Liberum must be referred to.

At present, the basic principle of blockchain solutions is the development judgement of "low-level court chain → solution → project application". Therefore , even as a result of 2020, the main concentration of the blockchain 's still the competition of the hidden public chain initiatives. It is obviously advertising the development for the entire blockchain business.

Liberum uses HWD-PoW as the core formula, while ensuring this decentralization of the public chain, it still effectively prevents 51% attacks. By separating transactions and smart contracts and constructing a fixed block age group algorithm, the filter production speed, financial success rate, latency, server cost, and scalability cost of the Liberum main network get all broken days gone by technical barriers, vastly surpassing the same fundamental public market available on the market chain.

Facing your impossible triangle, Liberum adopts the unique HWD-PoW innovative consensus tool to try to optimize the total amount between security and additionally transaction processing accelerate while maintaining increased degree of decentralization.

We selected three realistic Ethereum mainnet scenarios for experiments, plus the results were in keeping with the official claims. When using the HWD-PoW solution will indeed increase the attack cost by a lot more than 100 times.

Additionally , one of the reasons for that inefficiency of already present blockchain solutions is actually that all nodes must process the same undertaking multiple times. The sharding technology provides more powerful processing electrical power proportional to the number of nodes in the mobile phone network by sharding a nodes. Through sharding technology and groundbreaking improvements that isolate transactions from good contracts, Liberum's sophisticated hierarchical group string system has vastly improved the overall transaction processing speed. The theory is that, TPS can get to tens of many. However , it is grasped that, because Liberum is still in the initial phases of development, so that they can reduce development difficulty and reduce waste of resources, the core team currently has some restrictions. Liberum's transaction processing speed is for the short term stable at available 20, 000 TPS. But even so, the following ultra-high TPS has thrown EOS, ETH and BTC far away.

According to the overall study, Liberum has an unrivaled high speed inside the overall transaction finalizing speed of the up-to-date public chain that you can buy, while its unique HWD-PoW innovative general opinion mechanism maintains increased degree of decentralization while successfully attacking this attacker to double spend. The cost of assaults and 51% disorders has also risen for a level that can not be surpassed by other public chains. It's no wonder of which after the new from Liberum mainnet might launch soon came out recently, there are many technology enthusiasts on the market exactly who highly respect that underlying public stringed that broke this "processing speed-security-centralization" extremely hard triangle.

You might have heard about “the impossible triangle” which has triggerred heated discussion in cryptocurrency communities. We will discuss whether it is a true concept or a pseudo one, because only when we can distinguish the authenticity and no longer waste time on the pseudo one, it is possible to explore the issues worthy the [...]

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